Padua Urbs picta

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13 July 2019
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24 July 2019

It is official padua’s candidacy to become UNESCO World Heritage Site

Under the name
Padua Urbs picta
our city is a candidate to include in the World Heritage List – UNESCO World Heritage List – a serial site consisting of 8 places in the old town that preserve extraordinary pictorial cycles fresco of the 14th century.

Giotto, the Chapel of the Scrovegni and the pictorial cycles of the 14th century.

This reality represents an exceptional universal value, a unique example in the world of an area where the tradition of fresco mural painting has roots since the 10th century and which has seen its greatest development in the 14th century, starting from the presence in the city of Giotto around 1302, continuing and evolving throughout the century.
The area covered by the candidacy is all included in the old town, within the sixteenth-century walls of the city and includes the 14th-century pictorial cycles of fresco preserved in the
Chapel of the Scrovegni,
in the
Church of the SS. Philip and James to the Eremitans,
Palace of
Reason, in the
Chapel of the Carrarese
Palace, in the
Cathedral Baptistry,
in the
Basilica and Convent of the Saint,
in the
Oratory of St. George
and inSt. Michael’s Oratory.

Source Padua Culture